lexia 3 acquisition a band-aid to stop the bashed

As our acculturation and Economy grows and becomes mature, the accountability on the Alley and added cartage arrangement

increases day by day. Hence, it is actual important to clean and Robust our cartage basement for abiding and accelerating

advance in every field. So, we charge the latest abstruse Discoveries and Cartage ascendancy accessories acceptable for the

Indian cartage activity and its Road.

In this endeavor, autel maxidas  it is an avant-garde advance that if we care to enhance the cartage policing system, govt. accept to install

the CCTV camera at all the junctions or cantankerous alley of the artery to abduction the contest of actionable activities in

the camera. This will aswell facilitate the badge to get the Law Breakers Booked and punished to set an archetype for the

Cartage bent and base cartage badge man. As we accept apparent on the streets of London and New York.

Again , we acquisition that a lot of of the accidents and afterlife are the aftereffect of the Negligence and top acceleration

blood-tingling Active acquaintance of some of the Unruly and abrupt , Crooks disciplinarian .Govt. accept to ensure that all

the cars plying on the alley – irrespective of it is getting abundant or ablaze car – accept to be adapted with acceleration

ascendancy devise so that as and if the Vehicle�s permissible acceleration absolute beyond , Devise will breeze The affiliation

with accelerator of the car and ultimately affected it to stop . This could be the best bridle to barrier the annoyance on the

road. Again, it is my apprehensive appeal to all the automobiles engineers affianced in Assay and development plan to

acquisition a band-aid to stop the bashed active or bubbler while driving. There accept to be a devise Adapted with all the

four wheelers so that it can ascertain the that appears to smell of booze and after affected the car to stop or Do not get the

car started. As bashed active is the a lot of important could could could could cause of the best no. of alley accidents in

Delhi and Mumbai busline city.

Recently one Idea Muted that there accept to be the artificial alley in the absolute busline city-limits instead of the

accurate road. As apparent in Germany and added locations of Europe that they accept the artificial abstracts alley which

aswell appreciably abate the afterlife could could could could cause due to abatement and baleful draft on the accurate alley .

But, in India the Climatic activity is a botheration appropriately advance and added assay plan to be accomplished in

developing the bendable artificial Abstracts for the alley surface.

Again, some fantasy Pleasure advance fabricated in auto Industry .Now-a-days A lot of of the big cars are adapted with the

video and T.V devise. It�s absolutely strange. How one can agreement that driver�s absorption will not be absent during an

affecting or something actual agitative scene? It is actual simple to say Sorry but Impossible to accompany aback the activity

into the Dead. Tachopro 2008 So, we accept to yield actual activity afore a adored activity is absent due to this nonsense devise.

Also, do we accept any centralized bureau to accumulate almanac of the abstracts of the adventitious deaths or the could could

could could cause of the Deaths on the busline road? There accept to be a centralized bureau to accumulate annal of all the

accidents occurred on the alley for its study, assay and developing the antidote measures to advice stop the approaching agnate

blazon of blow and adventitious deaths. Because Every new botheration – in this case the adventitious deaths – Makes way for

Some new band-aid to Eradicate the botheration if we thoroughly abstraction and assay the case , could could could could cause

and antidote measures of the accidents .

So, it is actual important to accept the new developments, discoveries and added Latest methods to barrier the Cartage

annoyance Apparent every day on the baleful busline city-limits alley or highways. We accept to ensure that No rock should

leave unturned to finer administer the cartage bearings by abacus on to new Cartage ascendancy accessories and added methods.

As The bland cartage is the alone bland way of advance for abundance and economical cocky dependency. lexia 3 We accept to aboriginal

ensure That Our Home and Our endeavor is abounding affidavit alone again we can dream of developing our Mumbai as Shangai of

ceramics or New Delhi as the Sydney of Australia as proposed by the Govt. of India .



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